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BP 210,000 tweets analysed, emerging contextual trends over a week

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Contextual trend analysis of BP

We have analysed twitter responses about BP in context over a week period, 06.06.10 to 12.06.10. We shall carry out further contextual trend analysis on this topic over the coming days.

Source: 210,000 twitter comments.

BP & Obama

In twitter comments mentioning BP, Obama was mentioned most regularly in the following context:

06.06.10 – spoken, hasn’t, directly, captured, being.
– spoken, hasn’t, president, doesn’t, administration, boot, neck, American.
08.06.10 – lashes, media, chief, afp, barack, fire, crisis.
09.06.10 – downplays, number, attack, enemy, public, osama, guardian, fears.
10.06.10 Day 3 – chairman, week, meet, invites, administration, update, Washington, allen.
11.06.10 – Britain, bullying, stop, demonising, says, cantor, eric, news.
12.06.10 – promise, ready, president, suspend, executives, retain, cash, mee (Massey Energy Co.)

The individual words build a story of Obama's reaction to the BP disaster.

BP & Cost

In twitter comments mentioning BP, cost was mentioned most regularly in the following tweet context:

07.06.10 – billion, far, captures, reach, cleanup, same, current.
08.06.10 – florida, report, 195, jobs, real, flow, billions.
09.06.10 – pressure, political, default, company, soar, swaps, back, then.
10.06.10 – jobs, billion, 195, dollars, workers, fla, dollars, workers, 189.
11.06.10 - cost, real, estate, billion, coud, values, property, homeowners, clean.
12.06.10 - began, shares, almost, value, halved, people, mcartney, derek.

Over time, different costs emerge giving a wider picture of the far reaching negative effects of the BP disaster.

BP & Ocean

In twitter comments mentioning BP, ocean was mentioned most regularly in tweets containing these words:

06.06.10 – wants, fake, twitter, mocking, shut, ruining, account, nice.
07.06.10 – new, black, tumblr, blue, usual, replacing, fire, rig.
08.06.10 – shut, account, ruining, response, thats, company, ryanvaughan, acct.
09.06.10 – wants, fake, mocking, account, shut, ruining, company, want.
10.06.10 – million, campaign, spending, cleaning, agree, boycotting, too, aral.
11.06.10 – let,destroy, products, list, cannot, global, break, repercussions.
12.06.10 – let, destroy, list, won, products, destroying, cannot, break.

It appears in a backlash to BPs damage to the Ocean, there is an ongoing attempt to ruin BPs image with a infamous fake BP twitter account and list of products to boycott.

BP in context

The most common words surrounding BP continually over the week period are: spill, oil, news, Mexico, leak, gulf, disaster. The other top words surrounding BP in tweets are:

06.06.10 – well, broken, captures, cap, containment, capturing, far, working, increasing, Won, chief, quit, florida, protest, dozens, reuters, news, yahoo.

07.06.10 – news, google, buys, search, words, real, keep, people, yahoo, coast, clean, guard, take, years, drilling, May, impacting, 120.

08.06.10 – google, buys, top, result, has, sponsored, links, purchased, appear, mashable, search, yahoo, terms, words, news, people, real, keep, engine, phrases, folks.

09.06.10 – leak, plans, clean, stop, hours, solid, contingency, complete, mexico, are, govt, doing, truth, leaders, speaks, citizen, spill—the, sharing, music, owes, damaging.

10.06.10 – Costner, day, water, million, Kevin, machines, gallons, sells, recycle, patent, technology, ignored, been, abt, remarks, making, snarky, barrels, new, gulf.

11.06.10 – are, doing, govt, leaders, truth, speaks, citizen, spill—the, could, video, cats, Nsfw, /via, kim, deals, coffee, know, needs, plug.

12.06.10 – obama, barack, nick, clegg, doing, are, truth, speaks, govt, citizen, spill—the, leaders, failures, fighting, can, gusher, made, worse, woes.

The above words show that new stories and trends in context with BP are emerging daily.

If you'd like more detail on the BP topic, or another topic analysed in context please let us know.
The Twitter search application can only go far back as approximately two weeks and due to the twitter API it may not contain all tweets made on this subject.

We can analyse blogs, forums, and twitter comments seperately or combine all comments to demonstrate a wider picture on a topic across all these digital sources.

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