Monday, 17 May 2010

ElectionTrends analysis featured in U.S Semantic Web Magazine

What makes Election Trends analysis unique?
There are a plethora of fledgling sentiment and brand analysis companies, however they are all inadequate in many ways – an independent review of the main players can be seen in a leading article online.
Emiore delivering Election Trends utilises world superior technology which is the most appropriate tool for in depth business analysis. Technology is provided by BlueFlow Ltd, a spinout from the University of Aberdeen.

Emiore is a new company, however that has not prevented our analysis of the UK elections from being showcased in one of the top online Semantic Analysis magazines, demonstrating that we are using world beating cutting edge technologies.

Emiore process stages
1. Emiore identifies sources and gathers data. Research is tailored, however can include:
a) Where your company and related brands are being talked about.
b) Competitors and related products and services in the field
c) Relevant target market and associated lifestyle
d) Related industry content

2. Our automatic analysis of data filters out the irrelevant content, understands conversations, and discovers relevant content. New functionality can be added, but analysis already includes:

a) Contextual (context of discussion in relation to key words)
b) Contextual comparison, example
c) Positive sentiment (attitude, opinion) example:
d) Negative sentiment, comparison and trending, example:

3. Report: we summarise the analysis, to give you an understanding of topics specified in stage 1. The ‘virtual currency’ of relevant opinion will help you create the right marketing strategy to identify, engage and retain your customers. Our analysis gives you timely information to help focus business development, identify new opportunities, market your products, and manage your reputation.

Interested? If you would like to discuss how Emiore can identify market trends, undertake competitor analysis, and spot new market opportunities using the vast amount of data available online, then please contact:

Jayne Coulthard, CEO Emiore Ltd
T: +44 (0)7971919546

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