Monday, 31 May 2010

Twitter response to the U.K Budget cuts

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We have analysed twitter responses since the announcement of the UK budget cuts.

Contextual analysis of U.K Budget cuts

Source: 1502 twitter comments 1310 of them being unique tweets (not retweets).

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This contexutal analysis shows the reaction to be centred around the olympic games. Further analysis of the olympics topic in context shows words 'ringfencing, positive, influential' and 'axe, fall, furious' demonstrating a polorisation of opinion on how the olympics could be affected.

The arts was topical in close context to budget, further context analysis reveals discussions about museums, festivals, film, and theatres with negative words connected such as 'fears, hit, falls, trim, pinch, mean'. A wholly more negative view of being affected compared to the olympics. The arts subject was the one most retweeted.

Suprisingly although the alert web community is prevalent on twitter, there was very few tweets about the U.K semantic web cuts.

If you'd like another topic and certain words analysed in context please let us know. The Twitter search application can only go far back as approximately two weeks and due to the twitter API it may not contain all tweets made on this subject.

We can analyse blogs, forums, and twitter comments seperately or combine all comments to demonstrate a wider picture on a topic across all these digital sources.

Please get in touch if you'd like further details.

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