Sunday, 2 May 2010

Daily Telegraph policy areas against political party

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Previous analysis looked at the comments made on the BBC's Have your say discussion forums. For this piece of analysis we will instead use all of the comments made on blog posts on the Daily Telegraph website in the month of April. The analysis of the previous two blog postings will be repeated, so we will show what policy areas are close in context firstly to the party leaders, and then to the political parties themselves. This blog post will focus on the political parties.

As before it is important to note that the scores are normalised to allow a comparison between parties to be made more easily. Also the sentiment analysis of each of the policy areas here is not shown, but simply shows what policy areas are discussed in context with the leader/party.

For the analysis shown here, the chart below shows the three parties and the respective score in each policy area.

Telegraph comments in context with party

Again it is noticeable that the Liberal Democrats do not score very well in most of the categories, implying that there is not much discussion of their policies in these areas. This is a real problem for them since to be taken seriously as an alternative party what they stand for on the whole range of policy issues needs to be communicated effectively to the electorate.

We will be continuing this analysis by analysing blog and online comments from other data sources in the coming days.

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