Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Emiore Trends launches digital market research service providing sentiment analysis

Emiore Trends specialists in public opinion analysis. Delivering Opinion Trends and Election Trends. Powered by Blueflow technology.

Emiore Trends finds trends in opinion, facts, and figures from any digital data source. Including online sources like forums and blogs, or from your internal database.

Opinion Trends finds trends and relationships between sentiment opinion subjects and words. We uniquely show the context of discussions. We give you an understanding of your target market opinions and an unique insight into their lifestyle.

Online opinion is a virtual currency to help focus business development, identify new opportunties, market your products, and manage your reputation.

You obtain a tailored research and analysis for your needs. For your brand, service, product, competitors and industry. We find the right data sources and target market for you to help create the right marketing strategy to indentify, engage and retain your customers.

We automate the process of all the opinion following by filtering out the irrelevant content, understanding the conversations, and identifying the relevant content for your needs, to help you action it appropriately.

Emiore Trends technology powered by Blueflow operates on scale that allows analysis from various combinations of rich data sources automatically.

To receive a sentiment opinion trend analysis, or a database analysis, please contact Jayne at Emiore.

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Emiore Trends and Opinion Trends and Election Trends are brands of Emiore.

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